Services We Offer:

Interior Transformation

Does your home or office look tired? Like a fresh haircut or a new wardrobe, an interior transformation can bring new energy into your life. Vernace Designs can creatively arrange your current or recently purchased furniture and accessories, and add new color to walls, trim, curtains or rugs. You’ll love your new look!

You can see examples on the Gallery page.


Thinking about selling your home? Let Vernace Designs help you prepare it for a buyer’s eyes. Staging makes your home look its very best. Potential buyers immediately recognize the beauty and the value of a well staged home. Today’s real estate market is tough, but proper staging gives you the best chance at selling your home quickly and at a higher price. Vernace Designs will arrange your furniture and accessories in the most visually pleasing way, and offer suggestions for what you might add or do to enhance its presentation. Vernace Designs will also stage unfurnished homes on the market.

Home Organizing

End the clutter and confusion! Vernace Designs provides hands-on assistance with re-designing your space, re-organizing, and reducing clutter. Following an initial assessment, I will organize your existing possessions and then, after considering your lifestyle, design a system to sort and simplify as new possessions arrive.

You can see an example on the Gallery page.

Office Organizing

People work more efficiently, productively, and happily when their offices are well organized. Vernace Designs will redesign your office space and create an organizational system to maximize productivity for your established or new business.

If your office needs updating, consider an Interior Transformation.

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